​Dog Lovers CREED​​​
​     A  non-profit  organnization   #81-1191410

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​​We assist Rescues and Shelters by Rehabilitating hard to adopt dogs.
​​ ​" A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself. "
― Josh Billings ―
It's time for the dog lover in you to give back.
A dogs life is depending on it! 
​​​​   ​​ Dog Lovers CREED
Creating solutions to bad behavior, while enriching a dogs life.  

We assist dogs in    Recuses or Shelters that are past up by potential adopters because of shynss or aggressive behaviors.

Dog Lovers CREED​ 
All these dog have one thing in common!
They all came from Shelters!


  Daisy ​​




 Susie Q

 Bonnie and Clyde